Fiberglass fabrics are used extensively for hot gas filtration (up to 500℉) and product collection.  Fiberglass provides the valued combination of high temperature and chemical resistance, which makes it the preferred  filter media for coal fired utilities and industrial power plants, steel mills, waste incinerators, carbon black products and cement plants.

Acid Resistant

The new acid resistant finish was developed to have excellent acid resistance and high flexibility at elevated temperatures. This finish is suitable for lamination with PTFE membranes.

9892 Tritemp

A specially formulated blend of silicone, PTFE, and graphite to provide maximum lubricity and abrasion resistance.  The finish is applied to various filtration styles for application in the cement and foundry industries.


The PTFE finish provides high temperature lubricity, good cake release, and some degree of chemical resistance, as well as a soft hand.  The finish meets the challenge of many of many dust collection and air pollution control problems, and is recommended for boiler applications.

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